iv in the closet for a few years transvestism. For some time we have a new leader, an intelligent mature woman. into the myporn office always looks very sexy. see thro blouse beautiful lingerie myporn beautiful rock, I could see. 'make- up girl would die for. I I always said how good it was after 3 months, when we were alone, I asked if he would come to his apartment for a meal. oh yes, I said. We set the date and time I have flowers and a bottle of wine. when she opened the door I was surprised. had dropped the jeans and shirt. then chatted for a while and had a glass of wine, asked if I would look around the apartment. , taught me all the space left by the last room. has a huge closet full of beautiful clothes. of nowhere, she said she would like to try one of them. looked surprised said shed be whatching me some time and said he thought it was a television. Now, I was in heaven. is a dream come true. who helped me, andRESS put a pair of panties from France in me then a bra ( a little over weight, have as little tits ) closest I have a long blouse with ruffles sleve. is a shirt to complete and maintain the average. was now hard as steel, this beautiful woman. shall put makeup on myporn me. is in heaven. Last came a wig. We went and had a great meal and much wine it took a few pictures of the mine, said he would show them all, at work, if I liked it. later took me on the bed wearing a nightie precious. Sex was not of this world. and I were up all night. iv gone a week, getting better. I was asked to think about being f **** in one of his friends whos gay. that's another story for another day. now christine
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